Project Experience

Experience matters when building a successful biomass energy plant. With over 50 years of experience in Europe and over 10 years of experience in the United States, AESI is ready to help you complete a successful biomass energy project. Examples of typical projects are noted below.

End-User Location System Details Benefits
Kentucky Horse Park Logo
Kentucky Horse Park
Lexington, Kentucky, US Delivering 10 MMBTU/hr hot water, up to 220 kW

AESI GLOBAL 240 Biomass Gasification Boiler

Pratt & Whitney ORCGenerator

Application: Landfill diversion
Fuel: Horse manure and bedding
Fuel Consumption: Up to 1.3 tons per hour
Thermal Output: Hot water @ 209 C
Max Electrical Rated Output: 220 kW
  • Waste disposal cost reduction
  • Provides rapid cost recovery
  • Power generation for park use offsetting electricity costs
  • Uses waste as fuel
Avoca Farms
Merry Hill, North Carolina, US Delivering 31.8 MMBTU/hr steam

Dual AESI GLOBAL 400 Biomass Gasification Boilers

Application: Process steam
Fuel: Post process plant waste
Fuel Consumption: Up to 4 tons per hour
Thermal Output: Steam @ 29,400 lbs/hr
  • Substantial waste to landfill reduction
  • Cut utility costs dramatically
  • Uses waste as fuel
Katatheon Farms Logo
Katatheon Farms Greenhouse
Vancouver, BC, Canada Delivering 19.8 MMBTU/hr hot water

AESI GLOBAL 500 Biomass Gasification Boiler

Application: Hydronic heating
Fuel: Waste wood
Fuel Consumption: Up to 2 tons per hour
Thermal Output: Hot water @ 90 C
  • Customer achieved significant reduction of costs moving to biomass from fossil fuels
  • Uses waste as fuel
Garden Valley School District Logo
Garden Valley School District
Garden Valley, Idaho, US Delivering 2.4 MMBTU/hr hot water

AESI GLOBAL 60 Biomass Gasification Boiler

Application: Heating
Fuel: Wood chips
Fuel Consumption: Up to 0.5 ton per hour
Thermal Output: Hot Water
  • Increased reliability of heating system over electricc strip heat
  • Reduced utility costs
St. Ansgar School District Logo
St. Ansgar School District
St. Ansgar, Iowa, US Delivering 1.6 MMBTU/hr hot water

AESI BIOTEC 40 Biomass Gasification Boiler

Application: Heating
Fuel: Oat Hulls
Fuel Consumption: Up to 0.3 ton per hour
Thermal Output: Hot water
  • Reduction in heating costs for school and swimming pool
  • Uses waste as fuel with discarded Oat Hulls