Unrivaled Biomass Experience

Our respected team at AESI has been gasifying and combusting alternative fuels since 1996. We are able and willing to offer guarantees of hardware and performance within defined parameters and assurances for a construction completion schedule, compliant with air emissions, plant process performance and ability to deliver electricity to selected interconnections.

From Concept To Commissioning: AESI Is Your Turnkey Biomass Energy Provider

Our integrated approach to project solutions ensures not only the success of plant, process and/or system requirements, but also the completion of projects on schedule and within budget.

Key Differentiators

The elements that set us apart in the market place are demonstrated through multiple, identifiable features including:

• AESI brings superior equipment modules as an OEM of sustainable, biomass fueled, energy systems – proven in commercial settings.
• AESI is not one dimensional. Our core staff is diverse from different sectors of the power industry, large A/E or D/B firms, and mechanical systems design.
• AESI has remained firmly entrenched in our concepts of modular deployment. In contrast to large, site built installations it is our goal to bring the biomass systems to their intended location and “plug” them in for a seamless operation.
• AESI’s only focus is on biomass. From the onset we utilized the Uniconfort biomass boiler product, which gasifies fuel then combusts the syngas in the same unit for vertically integrated gasification or two stage combustion. Thermal energy (hot air, water, steam, or thermal energy) and/or electricity is our delivered product. Syngas extraction / reuse is not currently offered through our system solutions.
• Our core technology stems from factory which has been exclusively producing / improving solid fuel fired boilers for 52 years – currently over 4,000 units around the world, from old to new, operating daily.
• We provide systems with the best automation and control available while managing price point – the result is best value.
• AESI’s experience with biomass energy plants, in testing a wide variety of fuels and fuel blends, in delivering key forums for technical information have honed our ability to cut through project hurdles during a first phase analysis of a project. If AESI moves through the first phase and onto the second phase, it’s because we know the plant will be successful.
• Project economics offer a greater and more rapid ROI with thermal only biomass applications. Power generation typically doubles a project’s price and complexity.
• AESI equipment is built with ergonomics and performance safety as goal – reverse hinges, high quality bearings, balanced doors, etc.
• Our systems come with industry’s best warranty – 1 year on all parts, 10 years on heat exchanger, 5 years on major components and performance warranty for design, reliability, capacity and emissions.

Not The Solution For Every Case

Our goal is to deliver systems with the lowest life cycle cost. We rarely will be the lowest first cost, there are always providers in the market who will sell cheaper equipment. Our experience has born out that no one gives anything away, total of what’s received is proportional to cost.