Our Process

Bringing Your Biomass Project From Concept To Creation

AESI is a flexible, customer oriented organization. We offer turnkey waste-to-energy solutions, making the technology we sell only one component of the equation. Each solution we create is customized to each client’s needs, and has its own unique characteristics. Even so, there are common themes that run through each dialogue. The following is what you can expect from AESI as we develop your biomass energy solution.

Project Size Determination
The Anatomy Of A Project
There are two key methods to sizing a biomass project. These processes are not mutually exclusive, but at early stages, this approach helps clarify the discussion:

A – Establish the energy demands of the site

• Energy demand (electrical, steam, heat, pressure, etc.)
• Demand cycles (operation hours, load cycles)
• Available supplemental energy sources (if needed)

B – Establish potential feed stock availability

• Determine on-site biomass (opportunity fuel) quantities if available
• Determine potential external biomass sources (AESI retains a network of biomass feed stock providers)

Biomass Fuel Due Diligence

Depending on the nature of your biomass, there may be information available as to its performance as a fuel. AESI retains substantial data on many varieties of biomass, which will be utilized as applicable.

Project Economics Evaluation

Once we have determined the estimated potential and/or scope of a project, we can begin to look at the savings opportunities biomass fuel can create. These savings generally come from:

• Reduced or removed cost of existing energy sources: Electricity, natural gas, oil, propane, etc.
• Reduced or removed cost of waste disposal: Tipping fees, transport costs, environmental penalties, labor etc.
• Opportunities for grants, incentives or other financial assistance as a green project

This step also involves investigating the customer’s preferred payment terms: Full purchase, a choice of leasing options, or other payment arrangements as applicable.

Biomass Fuel Characteristics Verification

Phase 1: Proximate Ultimate Test
The previous steps should provide enough information to determine if the project has sufficient R.O.I. to warrant further investigation. Although existing information may be available, by nature, no two biomass materials are exactly the same. Soil quality, moisture, animal diet or storage duration’s can impact an opportunity fuel’s performance. Because of these variations, AESI conducts proximate ultimate testing on your specific biomass. A predetermined quantity of your opportunity fuel will be required, and sufficient data will be created to dictate next steps.

Phase 2: Evaluation In AESI’s Biomass Research Institute Test Facility
AESI will perform a multiple day evaluation of your fuel stock in a production-model gasification unit. The testing includes the monitoring and reporting of emissions, fuel performance, fuel feed demands, BTU value, and ash characteristics of your opportunity fuel. This testing will yield sufficient information to allow AESI to offer you performance guarantees for your feed stock within certain parameters. 80% of your investment in a biomass test.

Emissions Compliance

Depending on the size of the installation, the location, and the opportunity fuel being utilized, AESI and its partners will perform research and permitting activities for compliance with air regulations.

Initial Biomass Solution Design

Once the properties and performance of the fuel has been verified and found to be feasible, AESI submits a more formalized proposal. All of the critical components of the installation, from fuel feeding system, to unit size, to filtration and stack parameters, are outlined and budgetary pricing estimates are determined. Timelines are fashioned based on the current market demand.

Project Planning and Final On Site Research

Now that the customer is equipped with budgetary pricing, and the hardware needs have been determined, AESI conducts extensive on site research. This research includes all final technical details, addresses fatal flaws, and otherwise allows AESI adjust the specifications to fully meet the customer’s needs and addresses the unique demands of the installation.

Final Project Pricing, Scheduling & Commencement

Once AESI and the customer feel confident that the project is ready to break ground, the final steps are to finalize pricing, scheduling and startup information. Initial payment for the solution is made, and the order is placed with our technology producers.