Biomass Hot Air and Gas Generators

Modular Biomass Hot Air and Gas Generators

AESI has an excellent solution for our industrial customers. Starting with the industry’s best biomass boilers which deliver thermal oil, heated water or steam are offered to precipitate delivery of useful heat via an air stream. These we provide in two different styles of units which accomplish this directly.

Benefit From Modularity

AESI’s modular design allows for rapid deployment, assembly, scale ability, and efficiency to meet expanding energy needs. Modularity enables you to increase your energy output by adding more units. The unit’s intelligent engineering, highly automated processes, and small footprint enables seamless integration into existing physical plant or single site operations.

Fuel Handling Made Simple

The proprietary fuel feeding system is comprised of a container for surge fuel feeding and an internal feeding device (complete with a reduction gear and variable speed motor) controlled by a central PLC panel for complete fuel flow and combustion modulation control.

High Efficiency, Low Maintenance

The C-Series boilers feature an integrated indirect hot gas to heated air heat ex changer which maintains maximum thermal efficiency. These features allow the C-Series to be operated for longer periods of time between cleaning, maximizing plant up time and minimizing scheduled maintenance downtime.