Services by AESI

The delivery of effective biomass energy plants requires a team knowledgeable of the whole system delivery process – from fuel sourcing and management through processing, system design and installation, energy production, system training, operation, maintenance and post installation support. A turnkey delivery approach is critical to ensuring all system components function at an optimized level. Our turnkey solutions begin with concept development and fuel testing to ensure that fuel properties can support the energy delivery needs of each project. As the project moves through the design phase, AESI’s team of valued partners contributes to the system validation process; provides full plant system design; develops permitting guidance and support; and ensures the system is installed and functioning as intended. Many service offerings contribute to AESI’s turnkey delivery platform all of which are offered toward the end goal of complete customer satisfaction and system reliability.

System Validation

Biomass energy projects are substantial undertakings, and when performed methodically and sensibly can deliver excellent returns on investment. These projects can proceed in phases and then move directly to installation or some combination in between.

Biomass to energy systems are capital equipment and control intensive, in the best plan there will be issues that arise, which is why our staff are as focused on project service post installation as they are pre- installation. The bottom line is the best project begins with a focus on the plants positive completion and methods to assure extended performance. This is what AESI produces for our customers through our trademarked Validation Study™. As a commitment to our customers project success and to encourage this process AESI credits the full fee for the Validation Study back to the sale of the intended system/equipment.

Turnkey Deployment

As a preferred approach, AESI can present project solutions on a turnkey basis meaning responsibility lies with AESI for project execution for all plant components through commissioning and training, plus one year remote monitor follow on support to the plant. Significant efforts have been undertaken by AESI to assemble highly experienced and well respected, partner firms. All of our team is well experienced in remote operations deployment, utilizing local craft labor while retaining management within our team.

During the course of turnkey installation, commissioning and then training, routines are more readily established to enable functional diagnostics and corrective measures supported by the remote monitoring system.

Project Financing

Over the past two years, AESI has worked diligently to secure resources that allow us to provide innovative, third party financing solutions to meet our customers equipment needs. Our broad spectrum of products and services includes leases, loans, lease lines of credit, sale leasebacks, modified TRAC and vendor programs. Solutions for the $250,000 to $10 million range in a variety of industries has been our target.

AESI Provides:

• A team of tenured, dedicated, and well respected finance professionals
• A broad interest and capability to serve a wide range of industries, customers, and needs
• A flexible approach to structuring transactions
• A gateway to substantial sources of lease, debt, and other forms of equipment financing
• A proven ability to assist customers in finding application from our considerable base of offerings.