Biomass Gasification Boilers

Modular Biomass Gasification Boilers

At AESI our units operate from a uniquely differentiated process whereby Solid Fuels are first gasified and then combusted in the same device. Appropriately referred to as Vertically Integrated Gasification and Combustion. Simply burning biomass is less complete than burning produced syngas which is why gasification followed by combustion is a better approach and it reduces issues related to emissions.

A renewable, sound alternative for meeting energy needs without the use of fossil fuels. Biomass fuels are carbon neutral, and can be obtained at costs that are increasingly lower than oil, propane and natural gas. Through gasification, biomass fuels can be derived from many different sources, including waste streams, enabling low to negative cost fuel use. Solid fuel biomass gasifiers can be integrated into mechanical system configurations no matter the industry or market segment, either replacing or appending existing system operations.

AESI Biomass Gasification Boiler Models

Feature G-Series B-Series E-Series C-Series
AESI GLOBAL Series Biomass Gasification Boiler AESI BIOTEC Series Biomass Gasification Boiler AESI EOS Series Biomass Gasification Boiler AESI CMT Series Biomass Gasification Boiler
Info Info Info Info
1.2 – 20 MMBTU/hr36 – 593 BHP 1.2 – 20 MMBTU/hr36 – 593 BHP 0.6 – 20 MMBTU/hr18 – 593 BHP 0.3 – 20 MMBTU/hr9 – 593 BHP
Hot Water @ 203°FSuperheated Water up to 300°FSaturated Steam up to 300 psiThermal Oil Hot Water @ 203°FSuperheated Water up to 300°FSaturated Steam up to 175 psi Hot Water @ 203°FSuperheated Water up to 300°FSaturated Steam up to 175 psi Hot Water @ Atmospheric Pressure
Wood BiomassWood ByproductsAg ByproductsDensified Fuel Wood BiomassWood ByproductsAg ByproductsDensified Fuel Wood BiomassAg ByproductsPelletsDensified Fuel Wood BiomassPelletsDensified Fuel
Up to 120% dry-basis Up to 80% dry-basis Up to 75% dry-basis Up to 60% dry-basis
Up to 15% by weight Up to 10% by weight Up to 3% by weight Up to 5% by weight
PusherScrew AugerDual Screw Auger PusherScrew AugerDual Screw Auger Screw Auger Screw Auger

*Specifications show maximum tolerances and are dependent on project specifications

Benefit From Modularity

AESI’s modular design allows for rapid deployment, assembly, scalability, and efficiency to meet expanding energy needs. Modularity enables you to increase your energy output by adding more units. The unit’s intelligent engineering, highly automated processes, and small footprint enables seamless integration into existing physical plant or single site operations. Duel-fuel capabilities provide fail safe strategies for managing fuel needs.

Cleaner Combustion Through Gasification

By using Vertically Integrated Gasification & Combustion (VIGC) our boilers offer extremely low emissions and high efficiency (80-86%). Unlike outdated solid fuel boilers, AESI’s gasifiers use incline moving grates and a specially designed staged gasification chamber that increases efficiency, reduces particulate emissions, and eliminates klinkering and slagging.

Fuel Handling Made Simple

The proprietary fuel feeding system is comprised of a container for surge fuel feeding and an internal feeding device complete with a reduction gear, variable speed motor; controlled by a central PLC panel for complete fuel flow and control.

High Efficiency, Low Maintenance, and Flexibility

AESI’s gasifiers feature a modular heat ex changer that is mounted directly above the secondary combustion chamber, sitting atop the packaged unit. The heat ex changers are based upon the traditional fire tube design, featuring over sized tubes for enhanced reliability and maximized thermal efficiency under high soot conditions. The fire tubes are both rolled and welded to minimize maintenance over the life of the system.·The modular design of the heat ex changer provides unrivaled flexibility, allowing a user to easily change the heat ex changer to provide the desired thermal output.